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National Tennis Center

On Friday November 22, 2019 the Suriname Tennis Association started construction of the the tennis center at the Kepplerstraat. During the first phase, two tennis courts will be constructed. This will be expanded to six tennis courts and a club house in the future.

 With this tennis center the Suriname tennis Association (STB) hopes to have a major impact on the development of tennis in Suriname. The tennis center will accommodate both local tennis players as well as regional and international tennis tournaments. 

Construction of the tennis center has been a long cherished wish of board that has finally come to realization. According to the chairman of the STB board, Diego van der Zwart with the tennis center the tennis sport in Suriname is better equipped to focus on the development of the sport.

 With the completion of the center in the near future the  board also has more projects focused on young players scheduled Bringing tennis to the primary schools in the nearby community of the tennis center is one of these projects. The aim is to also expand did to schools in other areas.

 The plot where the tennis center is being constructed had been obtained from the government by the previous board in 2001. In 2018 the received approval on a proposal for a facility grant  send the to the International Tennis Federation. This grant as well as some local donations has resulted in the tennis center.

 The center is an important part of the strategic plan for the next 5 years. The strategic plan was formulated in collaboration with several stakeholders and the board during the past months.

 The STB tries to supports as many organizations and events that focus on promoting the tennis sport in Suriname. According to the chairman this is done by providing materials, programs to develop personal skills or accommodating players that are eligible conforming the national ranking system. 


November 27, 2019